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Everything Presence One Kit

Everything Presence One Kit

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Introducing Everything Presence One, the ultimate smart home sensor to easily add deeper intelligence to your home.

This ultimate smart home sensor supports a 24GHz mmWave Sensor for precise motion tracking as well as a powerful PIR for lightning fast responses. With a Temperature and Humidity sensor for monitoring climate status, Ambient Lighting sensor for smart control of lights, Bluetooth Tracking for wearables and an ESP32 for connectivity.

Supports Home Assistant and now Samsung SmartThings with a new beta driver!

Please note, case featured in images is sold separately here.


  • New 24GHz mmWave Sensor detects the smallest movements for accurate and reliable presence detection with a MASSIVE 25m detection zone - added through dedicated header pins. Detection angle is 100 x 40
  • Powerful Panasonic Industrial PIR motion sensor provides lightning fast, immediate response to larger movements, with a 12m detection zone - added through on-board socket
  • On-board temperature and humidity sensor*
  • On-board ambient light sensor
  • ESP32 provides WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity
  • Bluetooth Proxy for Home Assistant!
  • 4 additional GPIO pins allow for expansion
  • Comes with ESPHome pre-Installed for direct integration and adoption into Home Assistant
  • Flashable with your own software
  • Powered by either (selectable jumper):
    • 5v, 500ma USB-C Port (PSU/cable not supplied)
    • 5v input headers 
  • Power consumption has been measured at 240mA during initial boot and 160mA during normal operation.
  • PCB footprint is 62mm x 42mm

*See below note on temperature


Full Kit includes:

  • 1 x Everything Motion One Board
  • 1 x 24GHz mmWave SEN0609 Module from DFRobot
  • 1 x Panasonic Industrial PIR EKMC1603111/3 with 12m detection
  • 1 x 2m USB right angle USB-C cable
  • Case not included - sold separately here

Board only includes:

  • 1 x Everything Motion One Board
  • Requires supplying your own mmWave module and PIR for mmWave and PIR sensors to work, otherwise you will have temperature/humidity, ambient light sensor and Bluetooth capabilities only.
  • Case not included - sold separately here

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    Everything Presence One Kit

    The Everything Presence One Board:

    The Everything Motion One board was designed by Lewis and his Dad, David, from scratch to be the sensor Lewis had always wanted in his own smart home (well, within reason!). It combines the reliability and accuracy of mmWave, along with the speed and distance of a PIR motion sensor for the ultimate presence sensor, along with temperature, humidity, ambient light and Bluetooth tracking.

    The board was designed for use with the DFRobot 24GHz mmWave module because of it's relatively low price and excellent accuracy. It has a horizontal Field of View (FoV) of 100° and vertical FoV of 40° with up to a huge 25m of detection. Distance, sensitivity and latency is user configurable through Home Assistant.

    The Panasonic Industrial PIR was selected for it's super reliability, excellent 12m detection distance and high sensitivity. Both mmWave and PIR modules are user removable and replaceable. The mmWave module can be inserted in either the horizontal or vertical position allowing you to select the best angle for your room and environment and the official case allows for flexible mounting and position.

    The ESP32 also provides Bluetooth tracking capabilities, along with the brand new Bluetooth Proxy feature in Home Assistant and ESPHome - this allows for extending Home Assistant's Bluetooth range by using remote ESP32's around your house - a function that is a match made in heaven for this board!

    Temperature and Humidity is provided by the on-board SHTC3 - this sensor has good compatibility with ESPHome and Arduino IDE, great reliability and much cheaper price than the BME280 at current pricing. You can configure how often temperature and humidity data is collected, from as little as every 1 second (though we probably wouldn't recommend that frequently!). 

    Please note, due to the nature of the temperature sensor being on the same PCB as other heat generating components, readings can be influenced by those components. We have done our best to mitigate this by completely isolating the SHTC3, along with shielding it with a thermal cut-out. This mitigates most of the temperature increase we were seeing during the build but does read roughly 2°c higher than other sensors we tested against (when in the case). To fix this, we add a 2°c offset in the code by default meaning your temperature sensor will read correctly. This offset is user configurable.

    We do not see this as an issue, however if you do require a more "accurate" sensor, you may want to consider using the additional GPIO to add an additional temperature sensor. This could also just be a difference in temperature sensors also, but we want to be 100% transparent about this.

    The on-board ambient light sensor is provided by the BH1750, which has excellent ESPHome and Arduino IDE support and provides very reliable readings. Ambient light readings can also be collected as frequently as you would like, again from as little as every 1 second.

    We have added 4 additional GPIO pins to the board for easy expansion with your own sensors and devices! GPIO18, GPIO19, GPIO21 and GPIO22 are available through on-board headers, along with an additional 5v and ground header.

    Power is supplied through either the USB-C port with a 5v, 0.5a wall charger OR we also include a positive and negative terminal on the PCB in case you want to power the device with an alternative power supply. Please note that the device should only be powered by one power source at a time and has a user selectable jumper to protect against this.

    The board also has two M3 mounting holes for use with your own mounts.

    The Software

    Currently, our focus is on delivering the best experience possible out of the box with Home Assistant.

    With that in mind, the Everything Presence One will ship with ESPHome pre-installed for simple and direct integration with Home Assistant - connecting this is incredibly easy and takes a matter of minutes. Software will also be available through GitHub to view or modify to suit to your needs.

    The USB-C port and on-board USB-to-Serial converter also allows for flashing your own software from Arduino IDE, Tasmota, ESPresence or other similar community projects.

    Example Automations

    • Intelligently turning on or off lighting, heating and AC or other devices in a room, based on the presence of people.
    • Use the ambient lighting sensor to decide whether or not a light should turn on, based on the lighting levels of your room
    • Use the temperature sensor to to decide whether or not to change the climate based on room temperature
    • Combine the mmWave, PIR and Bluetooth tracker to create personalised automations, such as welcome greetings, lighting scenes or climate settings (needs an external Bluetooth device to track)

    More Information

    If you would like to see a DIY version of this sensor in action, check out this video:

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 33 reviews
    Macartan M.
    Awesome bit of Kit

    I picked up two of these to replace unreliable Sonoff presence sensors and after a bit of tinkering and support from Lewis, I’m really happy with them.

    The level of adjustment is great and can be suited for any room and the responsiveness is so fast, pretty much instantly.

    I love that the occupancy entity is a combination of the PIR and the mmWave sensors, really clever.

    A great product and great support A+

    Steve H.
    It's awesome

    It's really easy to set up and use, and unlike other presence sensors I've dealt with, it stays connected to Home Assistant.

    Zachary C.
    Rock SOLID when paired with Frigate

    I have a house of adults, kids, dogs, and robot vacuums. Frigate alone was giving me a lot of false positive person detection for both the occupied and unoccupied states. The EP1 works amazing for confirming actual movement (not just visual movement which can be triggered by moving lights/shadows from windows or non person objects which are registered as persons by frigate) before running my automations. No more false positives person presence when combining the EP1 with Frigate!

    Sándor C.

    I love it, greatly improves the automation possibilities.

    Appreciate the review and glad you like it!

    - Lewis

    Krist N.
    lots of settings

    Sensor works great! Integrates well with Home Assistant via ESP Home. Lot's of configuration settings to "tweaks" to your specific installation. "Tuning" page is helpful for tweaking. Could use more documentation for advanced settings.

    Thanks for the feedback and very happy to hear you are enjoying it - we certainly hope to expand the docs in the future.